Can budgies eat hard boiled eggs?

Can Budgies Eat Hard Boiled Eggs?

Budgies (or parakeets) are one of the most popular pet birds to own. They are hardy and easy to care for, making them a great choice for first-time bird owners. But do they eat hard boiled eggs?

The answer is yes, budgies can eat hard boiled eggs but it should only be in moderation as part of their overall diet. Hard boiled eggs are high in protein and some minerals and vitamins which will supplement your budgie’s diet; however, they should not be relied on as a sole source of nutrition. Additionally, make sure that any egg you feed your budgie has been thoroughly cooked before giving it to them!

What Nutrients Does My Budgie Get from Hard Boiled Eggs?

Hard boiled eggs contain protein (about 6 grams per egg), lutein (an antioxidant that helps with vision development), iron, calcium, selenium, zinc, vitamin A and B12 among other nutrients essential for optimal health. Protein is especially important for growing budgies as it helps build new cells and muscles needed in order to maintain good physical health while also aiding mental growth and development. Iron is another vital nutrient found in hard boiled eggs – it boosts energy levels by helping carry oxygen around the body so try feeding small portions of egg when your budgie looks sluggish or tired (but always consult an avian veterinarian if you have cause for concern).

How Much Should I Feed My Budgie?

Hard boiled egg should only ever be fed sparingly – no more than once or twice a week at most depending on your individual bird’s size/age/activity level etc… You could mix chopped pieces into their daily seed mix if desired though this isn’t necessary either – serving up small slices separately works just fine too! When offering the chopped pieces make sure there’s no shell left over; this can pose a choking hazard so discard any remaining bits after preparing the meal. Furthermore keep an eye out during meal times: some birds may not take kindly to having strange food added onto their plate so monitor closely until they become accustomed to eating such treats! Finally remember that all treats should still constitute only 10% maximum of your bird’s daily intake – anything else could lead to obesity or malnutrition later down the line due poor dietary choices now…so exercise caution whenever introducing something new into his/her routine!


In conclusion feeding hard-boiled eggs can provide additional nutritional benefits but must always be done responsibly – offer only once or twice a week at most & remove any shells before serving up meals! Keep track of how much you’re giving too because these little guys need balanced diets just like us humans do 🙂