Can budgies eat cherries?

Budgies are small, colorful birds that make lovable pets. These birds have a diverse diet and can eat different types of fruits and vegetables. However, as a responsible budgie owner, you may be wondering if your little friend can consume cherries.

In this blog post, we will discuss whether or not budgies can eat cherries and the potential benefits or risks associated with it.

Are Cherries Safe for Budgies to Eat?

The short answer is yes; budgies can eat cherries safely. In fact, many budgie owners feed their feathered friends cherry treats occasionally as a way to provide them with variety in their diets.

Cherries contain essential vitamins such as vitamin A and C which could help boost your bird’s immune system while also providing antioxidants that could enable proper cell function. Additionally, they’re rich in high fiber content which is beneficial for digestion when eaten in moderation.

However, there are some things you should consider before feeding your bird any fruit:

Potential Risks Associated with Feeding Cherries to Budgies

1) Pit – One thing concerning about feeding cherries to budgies is regarding the pit as choking on it could be fatal for these tiny creatures. So before giving them cherry treat always remove pits from the center.

To ensure safety while serving these juicy delights carefully remove all pits beforehand so that there aren’t any dangerous hazards left behind for our feathered friends.

2) Overfeeding- While cherries are undoubtedly healthy but like anything else overindulgence isn’t good either! It’s important not to give too much of any single food item since it may unbalance its consumption ratio leading towards health issues like obesity among others

As part of maintaining an appropriate diet schedule try including other fresh fruits alongside some seeds or pellets into your pet’s meals every day based on their exact requirement determined by expert veterinary practitioners.


In conclusion, cherries are generally considered safe for budgies to eat in moderation. Cherry treats can offer a delicious variety in your bird’s diet and also provide them with essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber that could benefit their overall health. However, it’s important always to remove pits since they pose a choking hazard to our little friends. Always remember that maintaining the right balance is key while feeding anything be it fruits or seed as overindulgence may lead towards obesity or other related issues – so make sure you give them an appropriate amount of cherry treat based on your vet’s recommendation!