Can Birds Get High? An Exploration Into the Dangers of Drugs for Our Feathered Friends

Birds are fascinating creatures. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Their ability to fly is one of the things that make them unique. Birds have been around for millions of years, and over time they have developed many adaptations to help them survive in their environment.

One question that often arises regarding birds is whether or not they can get high. This is a subject that has fascinated many people for years. In this blog post, we will explore this topic in-depth and provide you with all the information you need to know.

What Does it Mean to Get High?

Before we answer whether or not birds can get high, let’s first understand what it means to get high. When someone gets high, it usually means they have ingested a substance that alters their state of mind or consciousness.

For humans, getting high typically involves taking drugs such as marijuana or cocaine. These substances contain chemicals that affect the brain’s neurotransmitters and alter one’s perception.

Can Birds Get High?

Now back to our main question- Can birds get high? The short answer is yes; some species of birds can get intoxicated by consuming certain plants containing toxins like alcohol (fermented fruits) which produce similar effects on these animals as alcohol does on humans and other mammals.

While most substances that cause intoxication in humans don’t affect birds similarly because their metabolism works quite differently than ours do but some specific drugs may show effects on bird neurology too like psychotropic compounds found in LSD/PCP/Psylocibin mushrooms which lead us towards an interesting point “Birds Feel Hallucinations”.

Hallucination Effects

Several studies suggest psychedelic chemistries’ hallucinogenic effects cause altered states within avian minds who eat these fungus-containing poisonous materials(alkaloids). Scientists believe if there was any animal kingdom sensitive enough for experiencing hallucinations due to chemical consumption after Humans then nothing but Birds could be seen at ease with these effects.

It is also fascinating to see that bird hallucinations tend to be more visually vivid than those of humans. Researchers have observed that when birds consume substances like psilocybin, they experience visual hallucinations of bright colors and patterns.


In conclusion, some species of birds can get high by consuming certain plants or chemicals containing toxins. The effects on these animals are similar to those experienced by humans who ingest drugs like marijuana and cocaine.

While it may seem strange to consider whether or not birds can get high, the research shows that they indeed experience altered states of consciousness when ingesting specific substances. However one should never attempt feeding their pet birds with any psycho-active substance as it could lead them towards health issues, even death in extreme cases.