Can Birds Eat Split Peas?

Can Birds Eat Split Peas?

Split peas are a great source of nutrition for people, providing protein, fiber and many essential vitamins and minerals. But can birds eat split peas too? The answer is yes!

Split peas are a type of legume that can be eaten cooked or raw by most birds. They offer many of the same nutritional benefits to birds as they do to humans, making them an excellent food choice for avian species.

Nutritional Benefits of Split Peas For Birds

Split peas provide a wide array of health benefits to birds when added to their diet regularly. Here are some key nutrition facts about split peas:

– High in Protein: One cup (about 200 grams) contains 16 grams of protein which helps maintain healthy muscles and tissue. This makes it an ideal food choice for growing chicks or active adults who require more energy than usual due to breeding or migratory flights.

– Rich in Fiber: Fiber helps slow digestion and keep your bird feeling full longer after meals. It also promotes regular bowel movements which help reduce the risk of digestive issues like constipation or diarrhea in pet birds.

– Contain Essential Nutrients & Vitamins: Split peas contain important vitamins such as B-vitamins, Vitamin K, magnesium and iron all necessary for overall health maintenance in pet birds . Additionally, these nutrients help prevent deficiency related ailments such as anemia so it’s important that your bird receives enough from its diet daily

Are There Any Risks To Feeding My Bird Split Peas?

Splits pea should make up no more than 10%of your bird’s total diet since too much can cause digestive upset due to its high fiber content.. Additionally , it should be thoroughly cooked before being fed since raw split peas may contain toxins that will make your bird sick if consumed uncooked . Lastly , you should always introduce new foods gradually , monitoring closely how they affect your feathered friend before feeding them regularly . If you notice any signs of discomfort following introduction then discontinue feeding immediately .


In conclusion ,split pea is an excellent dietary addition for most types of pet birds when properly prepared and introduced with caution . Not only does this legume provide a balanced source nourishment with its wealth of proteins , fibers & essential vitamins but also adds variety into their diets . With these points taken into consideration we believe that there is little harm in supplementing our feathered friends with some delicious splits pea meals now & then !