Can Birds Eat Rice Cakes?

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Birds are known for their varied diet. From seeds to fruits and insects to small animals, they consume a wide range of foods depending on their species and the environment they live in. However, many bird enthusiasts may wonder if it is safe to feed them certain human food items like rice cakes.

What are Rice Cakes?

Rice cakes are made from puffed or baked rice grains compressed into thin discs or bars. They come in various flavors such as plain, salted, cinnamon, chocolate-coated and more. Unlike most snack foods that contain high amounts of fat and sugar content, rice cakes are relatively low in calories—about 35-60 calories per piece—and easy to digest due to their simple ingredients.

Are Rice Cakes Safe for Birds?

Yes! Most types of birds can safely eat rice cakes without any adverse effects on their health when offered occasionally as a treat rather than a staple food source. In fact, some pet shops sell specially formulated bird treats that contain dehydrated fruits mixed with crushed natural grains like oats and brown rice similar to homemade organic granola bars which could be an excellent alternative option for people who want specific nutrient intake for their feathered friends.


It’s essential to note that while plain unsalted white or brown-rice based snacks should be okay in moderation up-to 10% of your pet birds daily diet; flavored snacks containing preservatives (such as sodium benzoate), artificial coloring agents (red#40) , processed sweeteners( corn syrup solids), additives(high fructose corn syrup ), chemicals(stearoyl lactylate), caffeine ingredients(cocoa powder) ,and other unhealthy food additives might not be good options for your bird’s digestive system as these components could cause long-term health problems like liver disease, heart disease, obesity and even death.


Birds should not rely solely on rice cakes as their primary food source. A balanced diet consisting of a specific bird feed that provides adequate nutrition such as protein, vitamins, minerals is necessary to maintain optimal health for your feathered friend. You can consult with an avian veterinarian or bird expert who could suggest the most appropriate food type and quantity depending on your pet’s species and lifestyle.


While it’s acceptable to give birds plain unsalted rice cakes in moderation as part of their treat regimen because they are low in calories and easy to digest; it is essential always to read the ingredients’ labels before you offer any flavored option containing preservatives or processed sweeteners that might be harmful over time. As always, check with a veterinarian if you have questions about feeding specific foods or maintaining a balanced diet for your pet birds.