Can Birds Eat Gum?

Can Birds Eat Gum?

Most pet owners are familiar with the idea that certain foods can be harmful to their animals, but many may not realize that some of these items extend beyond common household items like chocolate and raisins. One item that is often overlooked in terms of potential risks to birds is gum. While it seems harmless enough, there are several reasons why birds should never eat gum or any other type of chewable product made from synthetic materials.

Risks for Birds Who Consume Gum

The biggest risk associated with a bird eating gum is the potential for intestinal blockage caused by the material getting stuck in their digestive system. This can lead to serious health issues such as malnutrition, dehydration and even death if left untreated. Additionally, many gums contain sugar and artificial sweeteners which can cause an upset stomach or diarrhea in birds. The pieces themselves also pose a choking hazard, as they’re small enough for a bird to swallow without properly chewing them first.

Alternatives To Chewable Products For Birds

Luckily there are plenty of alternative ways to give your feathered friend something to chew on without worrying about potentially dangerous ingredients or pieces getting stuck inside them! Bird-safe wood toys provide both physical and mental stimulation while helping keep their beaks trim and healthy. If you want something softer than wood but still durable enough not to break apart easily when chewed on then natural rubber products like those found at local pet stores are great options too! Finally, dried fruits (such as apples) are always good choices since they’re full of essential vitamins and minerals needed for maintaining good avian health overall so your bird won’t miss out on nutrition either!


Gum presents numerous risks when consumed by birds so it’s always best avoided entirely if possible. Instead provide alternatives such as wooden toys or dried fruits which will still satisfy your feathered friend’s need for chewing while avoiding any chance of harm coming into play!