Can Parakeets Swim? Everything You Need to Know Before Dipping Your Bird

Can a Parakeet Swim?

Parakeets are small, colorful birds that make great pets. They come in different varieties and have unique personalities. One common question among pet owners is whether or not parakeets can swim. In this blog post, we will explore the answer to this question in detail.

Parakeet Anatomy

Before we delve into whether parakeets can swim or not, it’s essential to understand their anatomy. Parakeets have feathers that protect them from water and keep them warm by trapping air close to their bodies. However, unlike ducks or other aquatic animals that have special waterproofing oils on their feathers, parakeets’ feathers do not repel water as effectively.

Moreover, parakeets lack webbed feet like ducks or swans used for swimming propulsion movement in the water. Instead, they have regular bird feet with claws used for perching on branches and climbing walls.

Swimming Capability of Parakeets

While parakeets may enjoy playing with a shallow dish of water or taking a bath in their cage using commercially available bird baths made specifically for small birds such as themselves – these activities should never be confused with actual swimming capabilities.

In summary: No, Parrots/parrotlets cannot “swim” like ducks/swans/penguins etc., but they can manage keeping themselves above the surface if necessary for short periods of time (such as getting out of the rain).

However; if your pet falls into deep waters accidentally – it may tread long enough to stay alive until you recover him/her safely back onto firm ground.

Dangers Associated With Having Your Bird Around Water

Although some birds such as African Greys might seem fascinated around pools/hot tubs while bathing under supervision – having your feathered friend around pools hot tubs lakes rivers oceans etc. at all times exposes them to many dangers such as drowning, waterborne infections/diseases, hypothermia/chilled body temperatures in colder weather.


In conclusion, parakeets cannot swim like aquatic animals but can flutter their wings and move through the water for brief periods of time. However; it is not advisable to allow your pet bird around deep waters unsupervised or even under supervision because this puts them in harm’s way while also being against nature’s intentions for these land-based creatures.

Instead, provide shallow dishes of water for play/bathing within their cages only – that too should be monitored from a safe distance always!