California Towhee

Basic Description

The California Towhee is a medium-sized bird, measuring about 22 cm in length. They have dark brown to black feathers on their bodies, with rusty red coloration underneath. The wings and tail are also reddish-brown and they have yellow eyes. Males tend to be slightly larger than females of the same species.

Where To Find This Bird

The California Towhee can be found throughout much of western North America, from British Columbia and southern Alberta through much of the western United States. It inhabits areas from sea level up to around 10,000 feet elevation in mountain ranges. Outside of its breeding season it will migrate southwards into Mexico for the winter months.


This species prefers dry scrubland habitats such as chaparral or oak woodlands but can sometimes also be found in more developed areas like parks or backyards if there is suitable vegetation present for shelter and food sources.


Their diet includes mostly seeds which they glean off grasses, branches or other vegetation while scratching amongst leaf litter on the ground with their feet.. They will also occasionally eat insects such as ants or beetles when available during warmer months when these types of food are plentiful due to increased insect activity levels then compared to colder seasons where seed sources become more important for survival purposes instead .

Cool Facts
California Towhees often lay up two broods per year making them one of very few birds that do so consistently across their range., Additionally , this species has been known to construct multiple nests at once within close proximity if resources allow . Also , males may perform courtship displays involving bowing down towards female mates before mating occurs .