California Scrub-Jay

h2 Basic Description
The California Scrub-Jay is a medium-sized bird that belongs to the Corvidae family. It has a blue-gray head, wings and tail, with some brownish feathers on its back and belly. Its eyes are dark brown, and it has a black beak.

h2 Where To Find This Bird
As the name implies, the California Scrub-Jay can be found in California. Specifically, it inhabits areas from southern Oregon down to Baja California in Mexico.

h2 Habitat
This bird thrives in open woodlands with scattered trees or shrubs. They also inhabit urban parks and gardens where there are plenty of oak trees as they prefer to nest among them.

h2 Food
The diet of this species includes insects (especially grasshoppers), nuts, seeds, fruits and other small animals such as lizards or rodents when available.

h2 Cool Facts
– The California Scrub-Jay is one of only four birds endemic to North America.
– These birds mate for life.
– They have strong memories which allow them to remember thousands of places where they stored food for later consumption.
– In addition to vocalization for communication purposes like most birds do; these jays have been observed using visual cues such as head movements or changes in posture while communicating with each other.

In conclusion, learning about unique bird species like the California Scrub-Jay can be fascinating because we get insight into their habitat requirements and behavioural patterns which ultimately helps us appreciate nature even more!