California Gull

The California Gull is a beautiful bird that belongs to the Laridae family. It is commonly found in the western region of North America, specifically in California and Utah. The scientific name for this bird is Larus Californicus.

Basic Description

The California Gull has a white body with gray wings and black primary feathers ending in white tips. They have yellowish-green bills with a red spot on their lower mandible during breeding season. This gull measures between 20-26 inches long, with an average wingspan of around 4 feet.

Where To Find This Bird

As mentioned earlier, California Gulls are mainly found in the western region of North America (California and Utah). During breeding season, they can be seen near the Great Salt Lake, Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, or other lakeshores around Utah’s valley. In winter months, they tend to migrate south to coastal areas such as Baja California peninsula.


The California Gull prefers nesting colonies situated on remote islands or beaches which are close to large bodies of water like lakes or oceans. These birds typically construct nests out of mosses and grasses located on low vegetation nearby standing water sources.


They eat various types of aquatic animals such as fish, crustaceans & mollusks but will also feed off human refuse or crops when food becomes scarce during winter months .

Cool Facts

1) The species was named after the state where it was first discovered – Californicus.
2) The diet of these gulls includes insects as well.
3) Seagulls have been known to steal food from humans more often than any other species.
4) In addition to being scavengers at landfills and dumps – they’re opportunistic scavengers everywhere else too!
5) They’re also known for eating small mammals like rodents if given the chance!

In conclusion…

Overall,the California Gull is a fascinating bird to observe in their natural habitat. Their diet, nesting habits and range make them an interesting subject for nature lovers and bird enthusiasts alike. So if you’re in California or Utah, be sure to keep your eyes open for these beautiful gulls!