Brown Pelican

H2: Basic Description
The Brown Pelican is a large seabird that can be found along the coasts of North, Central, and South America. Adult pelicans are known for their striking appearance and distinct features such as their long bill, pouch under their chin, and dark brown feathers. They are one of the only two species of pelicans that dive into water to catch fish.

H2: Where To Find This Bird
Brown Pelicans can be found in coastal areas throughout much of the Americas. They typically live near estuaries, lagoons or bays but they also spend time on offshore islands where human populations are low.

H2: Habitat
Brown Pelicans usually nest in colonies on either sandy beaches or rocky cliffsides near shorelines. In general, they prefer habitats that offer them access to shallow waters where they can easily find prey. These birds may migrate seasonally between breeding and non-breeding sites depending upon food availability and local climate changes.

H2: Food
Brown Pelicans feed exclusively on fish which swim close to the surface like anchovies, herring or smelt. When hunting for food these birds use a unique fishing technique called plunge-diving – this involves soaring high above the water surface before diving headfirst into it with open jaws. Their elastic throat pouches act like nets allowing them to capture lots of small fish at once; up to 3 pounds worth!

H2: Cool Facts
– Brown Pelican mature late compared to other pelican species – around 3 years old.
– Both male and female birds help incubate eggs during nesting season.
– Unlike many other bird species who have evolved over time towards smaller body sizes (such as finches), Brown Pelicans have actually gotten bigger over evolutionary periods!
– The US Marine Corps adopted “the Gumps” as its mascot after World War I because combat photographers noticed how military units were always accompanied by a flock of Brown Pelicans, who would circle and glide along with them.