Brown-headed Nuthatch

Basic Description

The Brown-headed Nuthatch is a small bird that can be found in the southeastern parts of the United States. It is around 4.5 inches long and has a distinctive brown head, blue-grey wings, and white underparts.

Where To Find This Bird

As mentioned earlier, this bird can be found in southeastern parts of the United States. The range for the Brown-headed Nuthatch extends from Virginia to Florida and as far west as eastern Texas.


Brown-headed Nuthatches prefer open pine forests with mature trees that are over 60 years old. They also nest in natural cavities or abandoned woodpecker nests within these pines.


This species feeds mainly on insects, including beetles, ants, wasps, spiders and caterpillars which it finds by probing into crevices with its narrow bill. Occasionally they will eat seeds or nuts but insects are their primary food source.

Cool Facts

– These birds have an unusual behavior called “pine buttering,” where they smear resin from pine trees around their nesting cavity entrance to deter predators such as snakes.
– The Brown-headed Nuthatch is one of three nuthatches found in North America.
– Unlike other birds that molt once a year after breeding season ends – this species molts twice each year.
– It’s fun to watch them cling upside down while they search tree bark for tasty insects!

In conclusion, if you live in areas where Brown-headed Nuthatches reside then try spotting them! They are great insect hunters that add some color to our woods!