Bronzed Cowbird

Basic Description

The Bronzed Cowbird is a small and attractive bird that belongs to the family of Icteridae. The male Bronzed Cowbird’s body is covered with a beautiful iridescent bronze color, while the female is brownish-gray. They have sharp black bills and long tails.

Where To Find This Bird

Bronzed Cowbirds are found in North and Central America, from southern Texas through Central America to northwestern South America. During the breeding season, they can be seen in open habitats such as savannas, fields, pastures, or edges of forests. While during winter seasons, they migrate to coastal regions and forested areas.


Bronzed cowbirds tend to inhabit open habitat areas including grasslands as well as agricultural lands which include large farms since their food sources mostly comprise insects that would thrive where there are plants like cereals growing.


As for their diet habits; Bronzed cowbirds feed on various kinds of insects such as beetles, ants and termites which can be found easily under fallen branches along with spiders too all of which make up almost 90% of their diet! In addition to this fact they might also add fruits like figs or berries occasionally when available.

Cool Facts

– The male bronzed cowbird has vibrant bronze-colored feathers.
– The female bronzed cowbird lays eggs in other birds’ nests.
– Bronzed cowbirds often flock with Brown-headed Cowbirds.
– It’s not uncommon for them to lay eggs into other species’ nests – a behavior called “brood parasitism.”
– Although it has been said that brood parasitism negatively affects the survival chancesof host’s young however ,studies have shown some slight positive effects!

In conclusion, the Bronzed Cowbird is a fascinating bird species that can be found in various parts of North and Central America. Their unique appearance and interesting behavior make them an exciting addition to any birdwatcher’s list. If you’re lucky enough to spot one, take a moment to appreciate their beauty and remarkable characteristics!