Broad-winged Hawk

H2: Basic Description

The Broad-winged Hawk is a medium-sized bird of prey that belongs to the Accipitridae family. It measures around 13-17 inches in length, and its wingspan can reach up to 35 inches. The male and female birds have slightly different physical characteristics, with females being larger than males. These hawks have brown backs and barred tails, while their underparts are white with broad rusty-brown bars.

H2: Where To Find This Bird

Broad-winged Hawks are migratory birds found mostly in North America during summer breeding season from southern Canada down to Mexico. In winter months they fly south towards South America where they spend most of the year in tropical rainforests.

H2: Habitat

These hawks prefer forest habitats such as deciduous forests and mixed woodlands for nesting sites but can be spotted perching on dead trees or soaring over open areas looking for prey during migration periods. They generally nest close to water sources like rivers or streams.

H2: Food

As carnivores, Broad-winged Hawks feed primarily on small mammals like mice, voles, squirrels along with reptiles including snakes, lizards as well as some insects and other types of small birds depending on availability.

H2: Cool Facts

One interesting fact about these raptors is their ability to migrate long distances in large groups called kettles. During springtime migration periods thousands of them form swirling clouds high above treetops before heading southwards indicating change in seasons ahead.

Another cool fact is that these hawks build nests made of twigs lined by bark shavings which provide good insulation against cold temperatures experienced at higher elevations where they breed making it an excellent way for parents to keep eggs warm until they hatch into chicks who eventually fledge out into mature adults ready for life’s adventures!