Brewer’s Blackbird

Brewer’s Blackbird is known for its striking appearance, and it is one of the most common birds in North America. This bird belongs to the family Icteridae, which also includes orioles, cowbirds, grackles, and meadowlarks. Let’s dive into more detail about this fascinating bird!

Basic Description

The Brewer’s Blackbird has a black plumage with an iridescent blue-green sheen that shines brightly in sunlight. The males are larger than females and have yellow eyes while females have brown ones. They measure around 20 centimeters in length and weigh approximately 75 grams.

Where To Find This Bird

This species can be found across North America, from Alaska to Mexico. They inhabit open fields, farmland areas, urban parks and gardens throughout their range.


Brewer’s Blackbirds prefer open habitats such as grasslands or agricultural fields where they forage on the ground for food items like insects and seeds. During breeding season they nest in shrubs or trees near their feeding grounds.


These omnivores consume various types of insects including beetles, ants and grasshoppers along with fruits like elderberries during summer months when available.

Cool Facts

One interesting fact about these birds is that they are notorious nest parasites—they lay their eggs in other birds’ nests hoping that those hosts will care for them instead! Additionally,
Brewer’s Blackbirds sing complex songs consisting of whistles notes combined with sounds resembling bells or metallic clicks.
In conclusion,Brewer’s blackbird is a beautiful songbird seen all over North America living mainly on farms.They make unique noises which makes them very curious whereas parasitic way of nesting makes them different from others creating an interest among people who study birds.