Blue-winged Teal

: A Small but Dynamic Duck

The Blue-winged Teal is a small, brightly colored duck that is highly sought after by birdwatchers and hunters alike. This dynamic species can be found throughout North America, from Canada to Mexico, making it one of the most widely distributed waterfowl in the region.

Basic Description:

This petite duck measures around 16 inches long and has a wingspan of approximately 24 inches. The male Blue-winged Teal boasts vibrant colors with a striking blue-gray head and distinctive white crescent on its face. Its wings are equally as impressive, featuring deep chestnut coloration paired with iridescent green patches. Meanwhile, females are significantly more modest in coloration with brown feathers streaked with darker shades.

Where To Find This Bird:

Blue-winged Teals prefer wooded wetlands or shallow marshes where they can forage for food among tall grasses and reeds. They are also drawn to open wetland areas such as ponds or flooded fields during migration periods when flocks may number in the thousands.


The primary breeding grounds for this species lie within the Great Plains region of North America stretching from southern Manitoba down to northern Texas. During winter months they migrate south towards Central America or into parts of South America such as Venezuela or Colombia.


These ducks have an omnivorous diet mainly consisting of plant matter such as seeds and aquatic vegetation along with various insects like beetles or dragonflies. They will also feed on small fish if available during certain times of year.

Cool Facts:

One interesting fact about Blue-winged Teals is their ability to interbreed with other species closely related to mallards including Cinnamon Teals and Northern Shovelers producing hybrid offspring known as ‘teal’ ducks.

Another fascinating aspect unique to this particular waterfowl compared to others is how adaptive they are at nesting laying eggs both in trees using abandoned Wood Duck nests, as well as on the ground hidden in a depression among tall grasses.

In conclusion, the Blue-winged Teal is an exciting and dynamic species of duck that boasts some impressive coloration along with unique nesting habits. With their prevalence throughout much of North America during breeding or migration periods, it’s no surprise why they are such a popular sight for birdwatchers or hunters alike.