Black Vulture

: A Bird of Many Talents

The Black Vulture is a fascinating bird that is found throughout the Americas. This unique avian species has several distinctive characteristics that set it apart from other birds, making it an interesting subject for any bird-lover to study.

Basic Description:

The Black Vulture can be easily identified by its black feathers, which are glossy and shiny. The bird’s head is featherless and dark gray in color, with a strong hooked beak that helps it to tear into carrion. Their wingspan ranges from 4-5 feet, and their body length varies between 25-32 inches on average. They often fly low over fields or roadsides in groups known as “kettles.”

Where To Find This Bird:

Black vultures are primarily found in the southern United States all year long but migrate northward during the summer months. These birds tend to inhabit open areas such as savannas or grasslands where they can scavenge more effectively.


Black vultures prefer open habitats like forests edges or deserts where they can find carrion (dead animals) easily. They roost at night on trees near water sources with large groups of other individuals.


Like most vultures, black vultures feed mainly on dead animals such as roadkill or animal carcasses left behind by hunters or predators like coyotes and bobcats. They also feed on small live animals including insects and smaller mammals if food gets scarce.

Cool Facts:

1) Black vultures have been known to eat plastic bags because they look similar to animal hides.
2) These birds also have powerful digestive systems that allow them to break down bacteria-laden foods.
3) Unlike many other birds, black vultures don’t use their sense of sight much for hunting; instead rely mostly upon smell when searching out potential meals.
4) Despite being able fliers, black vultures tend to “soar” rather than flap their wings, using thermal currents for lift.
5) Black vultures are very social birds and can often be seen flying in large groups or “kettles.”

In conclusion, the Black Vulture is a fascinating bird that has adapted well to living in open habitats. With its distinctive glossy black feathers and strong digestive system, this bird is capable of thriving on carrion and other scavenged items. If you’re interested in learning more about these remarkable creatures, consider observing them in natural areas where they can be found roosting or feeding.