Black Swift

The Black Swift is a fascinating bird species that has captured the attention of bird enthusiasts all around the world. This elusive creature is known for its swift and graceful flight, and it’s unique appearance which sets it apart from other birds in its family.

Basic Description:

The Black Swift belongs to the Apodidae family, commonly known as the swifts. These birds are small but powerful fliers with long, narrow wings and a streamlined body. The Black Swift measures about 19-21 cm in length with a wingspan of 42-48 cm. It has a distinctly square tail and blackish-brown plumage.

Where To Find This Bird:

The Black Swift can be found across much of North America during breeding season (May-August). However, finding this bird can be challenging due to their preference for nesting in remote locations such as cliffs or waterfalls deep within forests or mountainsides.


As mentioned above, these birds prefer to nest in hard-to-reach places like rock crevices behind waterfalls or on cliff faces near streams. They also tend to fly over rivers and lakes where they feed on airborne insects that swarm over the surface of these bodies of water.


Black Swifts are insectivorous feeding mainly on flying insects including mayflies, stoneflies, dragonflies along with ants, beetles among others which they catch while flying at high speeds.

Cool Facts:

1) The Black Swift feeds almost exclusively while in flight.
2) They have been recorded diving into waterfalls at speeds up to 100 km/h.
3) These birds migrate southward after breeding season usually heading towards warmer climates like South America.
4) Although difficult to spot because it nests away from human habitations; when seen this specie appears strikingly beautiful against forested areas.

In conclusion

The beauty and gracefulness of the Black Swift make them an interesting subject for ornithologists and nature enthusiasts alike. Although they may be difficult to find, their elusive nature only adds to the allure of these amazing birds. With unique traits such as feeding while in flight and diving into waterfalls at high speeds, it’s no wonder why Black Swifts continue to captivate and amaze people all around the world.