Black-chinned Sparrow

The Black-chinned Sparrow is a small bird that belongs to the Passerellidae family. It has a distinctive black chin patch, which sets it apart from other sparrows.

Basic Description

The Black-chinned Sparrow measures around 4.5 inches in length and weighs only 0.4 ounces. The male birds have grayish-blue backs, while their wings are brown with white borders on the feathers. Their head is light gray with a black chin patch, which gives them the name “black-chinned.” Females look similar to males but are slightly duller in color.

Where To Find This Bird

Black-chinned Sparrows can be found in parts of western North America such as California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. These sparrows prefer habitats that have dry slopes or canyons with thick vegetation such as chaparral and sagebrush.


Black-chinned Sparrows typically inhabit arid regions where they can find low shrubs or scrub-oak trees for cover and nesting sites during breeding season between March to July each year.


The diet of Black-chinned Sparrow mainly consists of seeds from grasses and shrubs along with insects like beetles or ants when available. They also consume fruits during times when they need more nutrients because there isn’t enough food available elsewhere.

Cool Facts

One cool fact about these birds is that they migrate up high into mountainous areas during winters when their usual habitat becomes too cold for survival purposes. They also have specific songs which make it easier for researchers to identify them by ear alone! Additionally, there are two sub-species within this species: one located throughout most of its range (Auriparus), while another lives only in southern California’s coastal ranges (atricapillus). In conclusion, Black-chinned Sparrows are fascinating birds with many unique traits that make them stand out among other species of sparrows.