Black-billed Magpie

Basic Description

The Black-billed Magpie is a large, striking bird with an iridescent green-black and white plumage. It has a long tail and a distinctive black beak that curves downwards. The bird’s wingspan can vary from 20-24 inches in length, making it one of the largest members of the crow family.

Where To Find This Bird

You can find Black-billed Magpies throughout much of North America, including Alaska, western Canada, the United States as well as Mexico. They are also found in parts of Central America like Guatemala and Honduras.


Black-billed Magpies are common in open habitats such as prairies, agricultural areas and riparian zones along streams or rivers. They can also adapt to urban settings such as city parks where they build their nests high up in trees.


These birds are omnivorous creatures that primarily feed on insects like grasshoppers and caterpillars but they have been known to eat small rodents, snakes and even carrion (decaying flesh). Additionally they supplement their diet with berries or seeds when available.

Cool Facts

• One cool fact about magpies is that they are highly intelligent birds who possess remarkable problem-solving abilities.
• Another fascinating fact is that magpies hold funerals for dead relatives; scientists believe this behavior may serve to strengthen social bonds within the group.
• These birds have several vocalizations ranging from soft warbling tunes to loud harsh cries which help them communicate effectively with each other.

In conclusion…

Overall, Black-billed Magpies are magnificent birds known for their beautiful plumage colors and unique characteristics. Whether you see them soaring through open fields or perched atop tall trees stretching their wings wide-opened — these intriguing creatures always manage to capture attention whenever they appear. They are one of the most fascinating birds out there, and we can learn a lot from observing their behavior in the wild.