Bay-breasted Warbler

The Bay-breasted Warbler is a small, brightly-colored bird that belongs to the family of wood-warblers. This species is named after its unique bay-colored breast, which provides an excellent contrast to its black face and wings.

Basic Description

Bay-breasted Warblers measure around 5-6 inches in length and have a wingspan of approximately 8 inches. Males are easily distinguishable from females by their striking colors – they have a reddish-brown crown and sides with black streaks on their back, while females tend to be more muted in color, featuring olive-green upperparts and yellow underparts.

Where To Find This Bird

During breeding season (which occurs between May and August), Bay-breasted Warblers can be found nesting in the boreal forests across Canada from Newfoundland to Alberta. They also breed throughout Alaska’s northernmost forests. In winter months, these birds migrate southward towards Central America, spending much of their time in high elevation mountain sites or near coffee plantations.


Bay-breasted warblers prefer coniferous forest habitats such as spruce-fir for breeding but will also use mixed deciduous-coniferous forests during migration or wintering periods.


The main diet of Bay-breasted Warbler consists mainly of insects like spiders, ants and caterpillars but may occasionally feed on berries or fruits when out available sources are scarce.

Cool Facts

1) Despite being one of the smallest warbler species at just over five inches long, male bay breasted warblers undertake one of the most extreme migrations relative to body size when traveling around 2000 miles from eastern North American forests all the way down into South America.

2) The bright plumage displayed by males indicates good health among potential mates making them likely candidates for pairing up with fertile females later on during mating season!

3) During migration times it’s not uncommon for this bird species to form mixed-species flocks with other warblers like Blackpoll Warblers, Blackburnian Warblers and American Redstarts.

In conclusion, the Bay-breasted Warbler is a fascinating bird that boasts unique physical characteristics and severe migratory habits. If you’re looking to catch a glimpse of this species in the wild, be sure to visit boreal forests or take a trip down south during migration season!