Bathing Your Pet Parrot

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Bathing is an important part of your bird’s daily routine. Birds love to bathe. If you do not bathe them, they will find a way to take a bath in their water bowl. Baths should be given to your bird at least once or twice a week. In warm weather, birds may need to bathe more. Birds do not have sweat glands and need this activity to help them stay cool. A bird who is regularly bathed, will be healthier and look much better than one that isn’t. If you want your bird to keep his brilliant, shiny plumage, bathe him regularly.

Many people bathe their birds differently. One way my husband bathes some of our larger birds is by taking them in the shower with him. If you choose to bathe your birds this way, make sure your water temperature is not set too high. Start by allowing the water to hit the birds tail, then gradually move his body into the spray. Most birds love this way of bathing. Make sure the spray doesn’t spray directly into the birds face. They could aspirate water into their lungs.

In some warmer climates, people like to take their birds outdoors for a shower in the hose. If you do this, make sure your birds are caged or their wing feathers are trimmed well.

Our birds who don’t enjoy going into the shower with daddy, get sprayed with a pump sprayer. These sprayers are fairly inexpensive and do a great job. The spray can be adjusted to droplets and very closely imitate raindrops. Always use a new sprayer. Don’t ever use a sprayer that has been used for anything except water.

Some people with just a couple of birds choose to use a plant mister. This will get the job done as long as your hand doesn’t wear out in the process. As before, be sure not to spray directly into your birds face. This may scare him and make him not enjoy bath time.

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