Bank Swallow

: A Tiny Bird with Amazing Abilities

The Bank Swallow, also known as the Sand Martin, is a small bird that has gained recognition for its unique abilities. This tiny creature belongs to the Hirundinidae family and can be found throughout the world in various habitats.

Basic Description:

The Bank Swallow is an adorable little bird that measures approximately 4 inches long and weighs around 1/3 of an ounce. It has a brownish-grey back and wings, white underparts, and a dark band across its chest. Its tail feathers are forked at the ends which enable it to maneuver through the air with great agility.

Where To Find This Bird:

Bank Swallows inhabit almost every continent except for Australia and Antarctica. They breed throughout North America from Alaska down to Mexico while they winter in South America.


These small birds prefer nesting near water bodies such as rivers or lakes where high banks allow them to burrow into soft soil for their nests. The holes they excavate extend up to three feet deep inside riverbanks or sandy cliffs along beaches or gravel pits often shared by other swallows.


Bank Swallows feed primarily on insects caught while flying; they have even been observed catching mosquitoes mid-flight! These birds fly low over open areas like fields or watercourses searching for prey which they pluck out of the air using their bills.

Cool Facts:

– Bank Swallows are one of only two species of swallows in North America that dig nesting tunnels.
– When young birds first leave their nests, they may travel up to six miles daily looking for food.
– Mated pairs will work together to build a nest tunnel; once complete will lay four-to-seven eggs (sometimes more) each season.
– These birds migrate annually thousands of miles between breeding grounds in Canada and wintering sites in Central & South America.

In conclusion, despite being one of North America’s smallest migratory birds, Bank Swallows are an important and fascinating species. From their burrowing abilities to their incredible flying skills, these tiny creatures are a wonder of nature!