Arctic Tern

The Arctic Tern, also known as Sterna paradisaea, is a bird that belongs to the family of Sternidae. This medium-sized seabird has a unique appearance and several noteworthy characteristics that distinguish it from other birds. In this blog post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the Arctic Tern.

Basic Description

The Arctic Tern is famous for being one of the longest migratory birds in the world. It measures around 33-39 cm long with a wingspan between 76-85 cm. They have distinctive white plumage on their underside and light gray on their backside with black tips on their beak and legs. During breeding season they sport jet-black caps which contrast beautifully against its pure white feathers.

Where To Find This Bird

True to its name, the Arctic Tern can be found throughout coastal areas surrounding the Arctic Ocean during summer months while wintering in Antarctica’s coastlines or off South America’s southern regions.


These fascinating creatures are mostly seen nesting along beaches or rocky cliffs in tundra regions where there are plenty of food sources available such as small fish and crustaceans like krill.


Arctic terns mainly feed off small aquatic animals like fish and krill but they will eat insects when necessary.

Cool Facts

One fascinating thing about these birds is how far they travel each year which spans an astounding round-trip journey of approximately 44,000 miles every year! This feat means upon reaching maturity; an average arctic tern would have flown over two million miles during its lifespan!

Another interesting fact about this species is that despite having tiny legs adapted for swimming instead of walking; these agile flyers can twist mid-flight allowing them to catch flying insects with ease!

In Summary

The Arctic Tern is an incredible bird that has successfully adapted to fly over thousands of miles every year. They occupy various coastal areas in the world, predominantly during the summer months, and feed primarily on small aquatic animals like fish and crustaceans such as krill.

These birds are more fascinating than meets the eye – not only do they have an impressive lifespan but their mid-air acrobatics make them a sight to behold. With its unique features and interesting characteristics, it’s no wonder why people can’t help but marvel at these majestic creatures!