Anna’s Hummingbird

is a stunning bird that belongs to the Trochilidae family. They are tiny birds with iridescent green feathers on their back and greyish-white feathers on their belly. This species of hummingbirds is found in western North America and can be seen from southern Alaska to Baja California, Mexico.

Where To Find This Bird
Anna’s Hummingbirds are known for inhabiting gardens, parks, and other urban areas. They can also be spotted in shrublands, coastal scrub, forests or woodlands with oak trees or chaparral vegetation.

Anna’s Hummingbirds prefer habitats where there is a lot of flowering plants like trumpet vines or hummingbird sage which provides them adequate nectar source. The male Anna’s hummingbird typically perches high up above its territory while guarding its food sources such as flowers as well as mates.

Hummingbirds feed primarily on nectar but supplement their diet with insects and spiders for protein. Their long tongue is specially adapted to suck nectar out of flowers rapidly (about 15 licks per second!). In addition to this impressive feat, they have evolved unique ability called torpor which allows them to lower their metabolic rate thus lessening energy demands when food sources aren’t readily available.

Cool Facts
– Male Anna’s Hummingbirds produce loud chirping sounds during courtship displays.
– These birds can fly backwards— something no other bird species can achieve.
– Their wings beat at an incredible rate of around 80 beats per second!
– Anna’s Hummingbird has been observed using spider webs to construct nests.
– Despite being so small (3”–4”), they have one of the longest lifespans among bird species – up to five years!

In conclusion, having Anna’s Hummingbird visit your garden could bring not only beauty but wonderment into your life when watching these little creatures dart about gathering nectar and performing aerial acrobatics. If you’re interested in seeing this amazing bird, consider planting some nectar-rich flowers and provide a sugar-water mixture for your backyard hummingbird feeder.