: The Diving Bird

The Anhinga, also known as the “water turkey,” is a unique bird that can be found in many parts of North and South America. It is a diving bird with great swimming and fishing abilities that make it stand out among other waterfowl.

Basic Description:

Anhingas are large birds, measuring up to 3 feet in length with wingspans of over 4 feet. They have long necks and tails, giving them the appearance of a snake-like creature when they swim underwater. Males have black feathers with white markings on their wings, while females have brown feathers.

Where To Find This Bird:

Anhingas can be found in numerous locations throughout North and South America. In Florida alone, they are present year-round in many wetland areas; however, during winter months you can also spot them in Mexico or Central America.


These birds prefer freshwater habitats such as swamps, marshes or ponds as well as brackish waters like estuaries or mangroves where they can find plenty of fish to feed on. Their nesting sites usually consist of trees near water sources allowing easy access for hunting food but also avoiding predators.


Anhingas are carnivorous birds that feed primarily on fish; they swallow prey whole after spearing it using their sharp bills which curves downward at the tip enabling penetration into tough scales without slipping away from the prey’s grip. Occasionally might eat small amphibians like frogs or lizards too!

Cool Facts:

– These birds do not have waterproof feathers compared to other diving waterbirds like ducks! They need time spent drying off between dives since being soaked would impede flying – this makes them more vulnerable to predation.
– When startled by predators (like humans), an Anhinga will move its head back quickly causing swallowed prey items come shooting out from its throat!
– The Anhinga has an exceptional ability to dry its wings by perching in the sun and spreading them widely. This posture is called “wing drying” or “sunbathing,” which helps prevent feathers from becoming waterlogged.
– They have been observed using tools to help catch fish! Using sticks, they would try and stir up the mud on the bottom of a pond to force fish up towards the surface.

In conclusion, the Anhinga is a remarkable bird with many unique features worth learning about. If you are lucky enough to spot one while out exploring nature, take some time to admire its beauty and impressive hunting skills.