Ancient Murrelet

h2: Basic Description

The Ancient Murrelet is a small bird that belongs to the Auk family. It has a black head and back with white underparts. Its wings are short and pointed, while its bill is thin and black. The eyes of this bird are surrounded by white circles which make them look like they’re wearing spectacles.

h2: Where To Find This Bird

The Ancient Murrelet can be found in coastal regions along the northern Pacific Ocean, from Japan to Alaska. During winter months, it can also be spotted as far south as California.

h2: Habitat

This seabird spends most of its life at sea but comes ashore only during breeding season. During this time, it colonies on rocky shorelines or islands where they lay their eggs in burrows or crevices close to water sources.

h2: Food

The Ancient Murrelet feeds mostly on small fish such as sand lance, herring, capelin and krill found near the surface waters of the ocean. They dive underwater to catch their prey using their wings for propulsion and feet for steering.

h2: Cool Facts

– The Ancient Murrelet gets its name from its resemblance to fossils that date back over 30 million years.
– This species has one of the longest lifespans among birds living up to 29 years
– While flying over water at night time this bird creates an eerie sound that’s often compared with ghostly wails.
– Both male and female share incubation duties when it comes to hatching eggs except for first-time breeders who usually lay only one egg instead of two.
– These birds have been known to fly more than 200 km (124 miles) offshore in search of food during non-breeding seasons.

In conclusion, while not well-known outside scientific communities or avid birdwatching groups, the Ancient Murrelet is truly fascinating creature worth getting to know. Its unique physical features, habitat preference and feeding habits make it a stand-out among other seabirds. If you ever get a chance to witness an Ancient Murrelet in action, don’t pass up the opportunity!