American Dipper

The American Dipper is a small, unique bird that resides in North America. Also known as the Water Ouzel or Cinclus mexicanus, this bird is easily identifiable by its plump body, dark gray feathers and short tail.

Basic Description:

The American Dipper measures around 7-9 inches long and weighs about 1.5 ounces on average. They have a distinctive bobbing motion while walking along the bottom of rivers and streams which helps in catching their prey. The birds also have webbed feet to help them swim underwater.

Where To Find This Bird:

The American Dipper can be found in the western parts of North America including Alaska, Canada and several western states such as Arizona and California.


These birds prefer fast-moving streams with rocks to perch on or build nests under bridges within dense forests where they can find plenty of food sources such as fish, insects, snails and even small amphibians.


As mentioned earlier, the American Dipper feeds mainly on aquatic insects but also eats fish eggs or small crustaceans like crayfish when available during breeding season between March to July.

Cool Facts:

American dippers are one of only two species worldwide that are entirely aquatic songbirds; they use song primarily for territory defense rather than attracting mates like other birds do. They are also excellent swimmers due to their ability to close off their nostrils allowing them breathe while submerged.
Another fact worth mentioning is their incredible resistance towards cold water temperatures-they’ve been observed diving into water at freezing temperatures without any visible discomfort!

In conclusion,the American dipper’s unique characteristics make it an interesting bird species worth learning about.When you’re next exploring near freshwater bodies,say hello if you ever see one bobbing about because despite being cute,it’s definitely a hardy creature!