American Crow

The American Crow, scientifically known as Corvus brachyrhynchos, is a fascinating bird that belongs to the family of Corvidae. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into the world of this enigmatic creature.

Basic Description

The American Crow is a large black bird with a wingspan of approximately 36 inches and an average weight of about 1 pound. They are easily identifiable by their jet-black feathers, stout bill, and sharp claws. The only distinguishable feature on their entirely black body is its eyes that are dark brown in color.

Where To Find This Bird

American Crows are widespread throughout North America, from coast to coast, and can be found almost anywhere: cities, forests or open fields. Their range extends from southern Alaska through Canada and down to Central America.


These birds prefer areas where they can find food such as fields or lawns adjacent to woods or forests; however they have adapted well living in urban areas too. They also make use of other habitats such as marshes, swamps or riverbanks during breeding season.


One interesting fact about these birds is that they are very opportunistic when it comes to feeding habits. Their diet consists mainly of insects (such as grasshoppers), small mammals like mice and voles along with fruits and seeds found on trees nearby which makes them omnivores allowing them to survive in various ecosystems whether natural or urbanized environments.

Cool Facts

They’re incredibly intelligent animals with excellent problem-solving abilities that help them adapt quickly wherever they live.
• These birds have over 20 different calls ranging from warning signals for danger around their nest area up until social interactions between individuals.
• Crows mate for life! If one partner dies before the other it is not uncommon for the surviving bird to remain without a mate for years afterward.
• They are known to be one of few species that use tools, such as using sticks or wire to extract insects from tree bark.
• American crows have been observed sharing food and cooperating with each other during hunting and feeding.

In conclusion, The American Crow is an incredibly fascinating bird due in part to its intelligence, resilience, and adaptability over different environments making them a remarkable addition wherever they may live. Next time you spot these birds flying around take some time observing their behaviors which can be quite entertaining.